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A Shadow Of Their Former Selves

Even Shadow People Have A Sense Of Humour

Shadow people.  Have you seen such a thing before?  Have you woken up in bed thinking you can see the outline of someone standing in the corner of your room, silently watching you sleep?  Or have you been sitting there minding your own business, only to have your attention dragged to look at … what was it that you saw move in the corner of your eye, but doesn’t seem to be there any longer?  Was it the shadowy outline of a human figure?  And now you’re starting to feel just a little bit nervous and that maybe you are not as alone as you thought you were.  Is there someone else in your house?

It’s amazing how many people have reported having a run in with a shadow person.  Or shadow people, because they sometimes seem to travel en masse.  But who are they?  What do they want?  And why do they have a very annoying habit of playing ‘now you see me, now you don’t?  Or did you even see me in the first place…?”

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Shadow Person or Shadow of the Backlit Photographer?

Wikipedia describes a ‘shadow person’ as being ‘the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure’.  Some people catch fleeting glimpses of something in the room with them but when they look there is nothing there.  I have also experienced this sort of thing before on occasion, but can’t decide whether I’ve actually seen something or if it was just a bit of my hair moving in the corner of my vision.  But many people are convinced that these shadow people are more than black figures teasing them and some people allege that they are physically attacked by them, as in the case of Anne Williams from Australia.

Occasionally, shadow people make quite a name for themselves, if that’s possible when you’re nothing but a shadow.  For example, the ‘Hat Man’has apparently been around for centuries and although he has a pretty limited wardrobe of a long black trench coat and some kind of flat brimmed hat, it doesn’t seem to stop him from visiting many an unwary soul in the dead of night.  The video link in red below byParahauntpost discusses this one in more detail:

Click here to experience: The Horror Of The Hat Man

Shadow people appear all over the world – this one turned up in Malaysia at a school although many were keen to put the sightings down to mass hysteria and the ‘high stress school environment’.  It’s one way to get out of sitting an end of year exam, I suppose.


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Sinister Shadows And Terrifying Mists – Meet The Darker Side Of North Weald And Ongar…

If you go down to the woods today…

John of North Weald has written to me about two local strange experiences and he has kindly given me permission to share them here:

“Seeing your letter in the North Weald Village Life Newsletter, I thought you may be interested in the following two tales. The first is my own experience and the second that of a lady, now passed on, who lived in Pensons Lane, Ongar.

First, whilst out walking one day last spring/summer over by the old radio station on North Weald Common, I stopped at Seven Springs where I stopped to enjoy the view of the lake surrounded by trees in leaf in the sunshine.  I became aware of a shadow or dark patch in front of me but at an angle to my left. To my surprise, and apprehension, it moved slowly in my general direction and passed about three or four yards to my left where it drifted over the bridleway and disappeared. It had little shape and no legs and just floated above the ground.

The Old Radio Station, North Weald, that John passed on the way to Seven Springs

Regarding the second experience, the lady referred to was a keen horse rider. On two separate occasions when riding with a companion in Pensons Lane the horses bolted when frightened by a swirling mist-like substance. She was quite convinced they had seen a ghost.”

What is it that lurks in Pensons Lane, Ongar?

If you have had any strange experiences, please feel free to send them to me at


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