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I Hear Footsteps…

6am should be a quiet time. A time to stand bleary-eyed in front of the bathroom mirror with a toothbrush hanging out of your gob while you look at your reflection and ponder… good grief, how do I fix that? Unless you live in my house. This morning at 6am, I was indeed standing in front of my bathroom mirror with said toothbrush and eyes half-shut against the glare of the bathroom cabinet lights (I don’t care if they’re supposed to create a subdued lighting effect, it still felt like I was staring at the sun) when I heard the sound of footsteps heading towards the bathroom door. I paused my half-hearted tooth brushing and stared at the door behind me via the mirror. That’s the thing about watching as much ghosthunting as I do, you suddenly remember all the unexplainable things you’ve seen and apply them to moments of oddness in your own existence. It all went quiet for a moment and I wondered if perhaps I’d imagined it. But then, to my horror, and in true ghost movie fashion, the door handle slowly began to turn…

“Morning mummy! Can I watch your phone while you get ready?”

Oh yes… children… I remember now, I have children…far scarier than ghosts and demons and equally as likely to be out of bed at an unreasonable hour haunting me with their heavy footsteps.

Whilst watching World of Mysteries – Hidden City of London there was an interesting bit about Hampton Court, Richmond Upon Thames, where one of the wardens at the palace describes reports of footsteps being heard upon a stone floor when the floor in the room is carpeted (at 33.31 mins). Is this a case of the ‘stone tape’ theory? Or perhaps the ghost just fancies freaking someone out and is going all out to find a bit of uncarpeted floor in the corner of the room to stomp about on (I know I would – I’d make an outrageous ghost). And of course, Most Haunted is not to be outdone on the ‘spooky footsteps’ front. When they visited Haden Hall (Season 20 Episode 4) at 19.05 mins Karl hears the sound of what he describes as ‘banging sounds galore) but from the way the chair suddenly pings around, perhaps they were disembodied footsteps of someone approaching the chair to move it. And during a visit to Todmoreden Church in Series 19 Episode 4, Karl finds himself down in the depths of the church vault (41.25-44.17 mins) and it sounds for all the world as if something’s walked down the steps, had a bit of a huff and a sigh at finding Karl lurking down there already, and then turns around and walks back up the steps. It must be a very peculiar sensation being able to hear something walking towards you but not being able to see what it is. How can you prepare for what you can’t see? Do you run away, do you stay and find out what it is, do you just… carry on brushing your teeth?

You go look! Okay, we’ll both go look. In a minute…

It takes a lot of guts to go into an abandoned place, looking for ghosts (or just to be nosey) and even more guts to stay and investigate when you’ve heard footsteps coming from the floor above. Like this chap who found an abandoned house used as a Hallowe’en attraction in the past but now left to ruin. Do you think you’d have the bottle to go and find out who (or what) the footsteps belonged to? Perhaps if you were carrying a very big stick… ?


©Nicola Kirk and 2018

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