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The Legend of 3:33am…

In my earlier article, The Gate House, Kieron Savill of Paranormal Knights mentioned that there were some interesting theories flying around on the internet as to why some people frequently find themselves waking up at 3.33am.    What is so special about 3:33am?

One forum user made an interesting comment: “333 is only half the message, that’s why it is being repeated. The whole message is 666. Sleep tight.”

It may be meant as a jokey comment, but is there more to it?  It is generally accepted that the ‘witching hour’ is 1am and it is considered a time when the veil between this world and the next is thin enough to allow things of a supernatural persuasion to take a peek into our world.  But some say the ‘witching hour’ can also be any time between 12am and 3am, with 3am being sometimes referred to as the ‘Devil’s Hour’. Perhaps waking up at 3:33am is the Devil’s rather persistent way of getting your attention…

Being the ‘Devil’s Hour’, 3am is also apparently a prime time to whip out your grimoire for Black Mass. I wonder if Satanists restrained themselves until 3:33am if they would have more luck.

Rather worryingly for those who find themselves waking up at 3am or 3:33am, Kenneth Deel’s website reports: “In short if you often wake up to see the clock is exactly 3:AM, you might being seeing this as a warning. The number 3 turning up is a Demonic symbol, so we take note on a short list when it occurs. As it can often defiantly (sic) be an indication something is manifesting or already has…”

In Will Storr’s book, Will Storr Vs the Supernatural (which is a book I would highly recommend – very entertaining and well written), he has included a section about strange occurrences between the hours of 3am and 4am (although from what I’ve seen so far it’s beginning to look like any time after the sun goes down is a good time to break out the EMF meter).

Another forum user suggested that if you sleep between two doors, you may be getting hit by the ‘spiritual traffic’ that moves around between the hours of 2am and 4am.  Perhaps 3:33am is rush hour on the spiritual plane.

Another interesting theory is that Christ was allegedly killed at 3pm, so what with 3am being the inversion of this time, it is the chosen hour for all things of an antichristian bent to come out and party.

On yet another forum (got to love forums, haven’t you?), this one being the GHE Paranormal forum that Dave Hobbs runs with general abandon, it is suggested that maybe people wake up once at 3:33am, think ‘what a coincidence, all the threes!’ and then manage to subconsciously programme themselves to wake up at the same time on subsequent nights.

On the other hand, perhaps the phenomenon can be explained in a rather more mundane fashion.  If anyone else out there is like me and wakes up bleary eyed in the night and looks at the clock, every time could read 3:33am.  Some digital clock displays fade over time until it can be a struggle to read the numbers, especially if you’re half asleep.  And can’t be bothered to put your glasses on.


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Baker 4, Can You Return Home Immediately…

David Hobbs, who has recently been spotted lurking in the depths of south east Essex, first became interested in the paranormal about 45 years ago, but it was only 23 years ago (give or take a year) that he became actively involved in the subject.  Dave’s website, GHE Paranormal has been running now for 18 months and offers a range of services, from paranormal investigations to psychic readings and Holistic healing.  There is also a forum on there so you can have a chat with likeminded people.

The following is a story that Dave related to me a little while back and he has kindly given me permission to post it here:

“Saturday night was the busiest night of the week for us taxi drivers and our earnings depended on working flat out all night, so when I was called on the cab radio and told, “Baker 4, can you return home your wife is distressed,” I knew that something was very wrong.

I headed home as soon as I had dropped my fare off and was alarmed to see the house in total darkness.  As I opened the door and walked in I looked into the darkened sitting room to my left and saw my wife sitting on the floor by the front window.

“What’s happened?”  I asked.  Her voice was shaky as she replied that she had heard footsteps going up and down the stairs and that she could hear the light switch in the kitchen being flicked on and off.  This was just one in a long line of incidents that we had been experiencing in our new home and although I was a little annoyed at being called back on the busiest night of the week, I could tell that she was very frightened indeed and would not have called me back on a whim.  I sat down and said a bit lamely that there must be a logical explanation for what she was hearing.

A rattling sound made me look up at the ceiling and then another over by the hallway.

“It’s the central heating,” I said.  It was obvious to me that the sound was made by an air lock in the heating system.  “There it is again; it’s definitely the central heating.”

“What about the footsteps and the breathing?” she asked.  Ignoring her question I said: “Tell you what, I’ll go into the kitchen and turn off the heating and I bet it stops.”

“Do you really think that’s it?” she asked, sounding hopeful.

“Absolutely,” I replied, trying to sound positive but inside I was praying that I had found the answer.  I went into the kitchen and looked at the ageing boiler which stood in the corner of the room.  I turned off all of the switches and, as an afterthought, I walked back and pulled the plug out of the wall.  That should do it, I told myself.

Returning to the sitting room I made myself comfortable on the settee. No more sounds, no more knocking.  Five minutes had passed and I felt the room becoming chilly.

“There you are,” I declared, “it was the heating all along.  I’d better put it back on.  It’s getting a bit cold in here.”   I walked towards the door and stopped in the doorway.  “You see,” I told my wife reassuringly, “nothing’s wrong, it’s just the central heating.”   The truth was that I was relieved because I had been hearing what sounded like footsteps and light switches being flicked on and off ever since we had moved into the house six months before, and now I had found the explanation.

I stopped dead in my tracks as I entered the kitchen.  The boiler was off but the plug that I had removed and placed so carefully on the floor was back in its wall socket.  At times like that you begin to doubt your sanity and I even told myself that perhaps I had not removed the plug after all.

But I had.

I did not tell my wife what had happened but resolved that my next move was going to be in the direction of the Spiritualist Church.  I would do it as soon as I could and get this matter looked into by people who deal with hauntings.  I was becoming desperate.  This was just a small incident out of the many that we experienced in that house but it stood me in good stead later in life when I myself was called out to sort out other peoples paranormal problems.  I knew exactly how they felt.”


©Nicola Kirk and 2010

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