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I Saw Him

Image result for mortal kombat coming in hotter than the central line

I travel to and from work on the Central Line.  In summer, it is the hottest place on earth known to man.  You can fry eggs on other commuters.  People clutch their 2-litre water bottles for fear that they might dry up and die of dehydration between stops.

The other evening, I entered into the state known as Commuter Mode and left the office.  At the end of the day, I just want to get home, same as everyone else.  If I’m going to stand on a steaming hot train for the best part of an hour, I want to get on as soon as possible and lose myself in the pages of a book until the trip across the virtual Sahara is over.

Image result for rats in a maze

Like Rats In A Maze

Recently, they’ve changed the layout at Bond Street Station so you have to wiggle through a maze of subterranean corridors to get onto the platforms.  It was business as usual.  The guy who busks at the foot of the escalator was singing the same song he always sings at that time of the evening (the song never changes.  Never.  It’s Ground Hog Day meets Coldplay) and full on Commuter Mode was engaged.   Just as I turned a corner at the bottom of the escalator I noticed a woman in an adjacent corridor.  Strangely, for that time of the evening, the corridor was deserted apart from the woman, who was busy rummaging through her handbag looking for something, and a man.  The man was Asian, perhaps Chinese, and he was just standing there, close to the tunnel wall, staring at the woman while she rummaged.  He wasn’t just looking at her as if he was waiting for her to get her stuff together so they could go, he was staring at her.  Hard.   And she didn’t even seem to know he was there. 

Image result for faceless man

You can tell when two people are together, there’s interaction, chatter, something.  Anything.  But this guy just stood there by the wall, wearing a brown jacket and non-descript trousers, empty hands by his sides, just staring.  It made the skin prickle on the back of my neck.  I glanced away for just a moment and when I looked back, the woman was closing her bag and beginning to make her way towards the other end of the corridor.  

And the man was gone.

He was just… gone.  I did a double take,  ignoring the annoyed tut from the woman who had just stumbled into the back me, irritated that her Commuter Mode had been disrupted.  How had he managed to disappear so quickly?  Where had he gone?  I had only looked away for just a couple of seconds.  The woman who had been buried up to her armpit in her handbag seemed to be none the wiser, she just continued on her way, joining the masses of people rushing to get home.   She never even saw him.

But I saw him.



©Nicola Kirk and 2019



Zombie Framed Tile

Unless They’re From Mount Fitchet, In Which Case They’ll Just Shuffle After You A Bit.

Ah, I love Hallowe’en – it’s my favourite time of year.  When a friend of mine mentioned there was a Hallowe’en event at Mount Fitchet Castle near Stansted, Essex, well, how could I refuse? On Friday 1st November (not quite Hallowe’en night, but it was still the Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead… if you’re from Mexico…) my friend and I took a drive to Mount Fitchet and braced ourselves accordingly.

Do Not Drink The Water

In Mulled Wine There Is… Uh, I Think I’m Happier Not Knowing.

The evening started with an offer of hot mulled wine, which I unfortunately couldn’t partake in because I was driving but perhaps that wasn’t such a terrible thing because my friend advised me that it tasted like nothing she’d never tasted before.  And not in a good way.   Okay, I had a tiny sip just out of sheer curiosity and once I’d managed to uncross my eyeballs, I came to the decision that mulled wine could be used as a method of corporal punishment.

Common sense dictated it would be wise to hunt out the ladies toilets before the tour started and I was advised it was ‘outside… see that light over there in the distance?’  I had a squint through the pitch black night and saw what might have been the dim light of a bulb burning in the distance.  I was glad the designers of iPhone had seen fit to give my phone ‘torch’ mode.  Because of this minor detour, I missed the first couple of minutes of the warm up act, a woman dressed up in old rags who was busy instilling fear into the masses with tales of ‘the Master’ who was on his way to take us on the tour.    It was when ‘the Master’ bowled in that I realised the evening was definitely going to be a good giggle.  Sitting at the back of the room did not offer an ounce of protection from the Master’s beady eye and I was quizzed about why I’d brought my cat with me (I was wearing an enormous fluffy scarf) and was labelled ‘cat woman’ for the rest of the evening, but I got off lightly as the guy opposite me was nicknamed ‘Product Man’ seeing as he’d cleared his bathroom cabinet of hair gel that evening.

And Not In A Good Way

We were led out of the main reception area and out to the main encampment. Halfway up the hill a young man, who appeared to be part of our group, approached the Master.  I overheard the Master saying, ‘Oh, okay, well stay here with me and I’ll get someone to come and get you to take you back again…” but before the Master could finish the young lad keeled over onto the grass and the rest of us were left standing there thinking ‘is this part of the evening or should we also be down in the mud trying to help…?”  I don’t think any of us had quite gathered our wits before the lad started to growl in a most unseemly manner and claw his way towards the rest of us.  Ahh… I see – Zombie Night was under way!   Once we’d dodged around the groaning, and now slightly muddy individual on the floor (apparently he had another six performances of that to get through before he was done for the night) the Master regaled us with tales of how witches of old were dealt with by the fiendish self-proclaimed Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins.  There was an accompanying slide show which sent shivers up my spine – they really used to go all out when it came to dispatching suspected witches.  I think the woodcut of one individual being hung up by the legs and cut in half had us all crossing our legs with sympathy.

I Believe This Covers It…

It was at this point that the Master then passed us over into the care of the ‘military’ where I was asked for my name and age in a dark tent and then was squirted directly in the face with ‘decontamination’ spray.  Wasn’t expecting that.  I think I may have referred to the person that did it as a ‘total bugger’… or words to that effect.

There was no artificial lighting up on the Mount other than little bonfires lit here and there which were both welcome and eerie at the same time.  There was also a low-lying mist that added to the atmosphere.  Somehow my friend and I started off right at the front of our group and then after a few zombie attacks ended up right at the back, so wherever we went we seemed to be prime zombie fodder.  The actors were great fun, dressed up in their zombie outfits with hideous make-up and well-practised zombie shuffles.  My friend attached herself to the back of my coat as we ventured through pitch black ‘morgue tent’ where we were liberally accosted by flailing zombie hands and shut in unlit cabins with sinister hooded figures.  It was great fun.  It reminded me of a sanitised version of the film “28 Days Later”.

Would I go again?  Oh, most definitely!  Put a note in your diary to go next year if you can.

But if you’re not quite feeling brave enough to venture out at Hallowe’en to fend off the zombies, you can still go during the day when they are in hiding and enjoy a  family-friendly day out.  Click here to see when the castle is open (but bear in mind that it is seasonal and shuts for the winter).

©Nicola Kirk and 2013
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The Nameless - Front Cover

Front Cover Artwork © K.J. Smith 2013


They say that everyone has a book in them – it would seem I’ve found a few short stories too!  I’m pleased to announce that The Nameless And Other Tales Of The Paranormal is now available in paperback and in Kindle format on Amazon.

The Kindle version will be available at the introductory price of 99p for a short while, so I hope I can tempt you into purchasing a copy (although I’m afraid I can’t be held responsible for any sleepless nights, nightmares or general episodes of terror caused by these short stories).



Best wishes to you all!


©Nicola Kirk and 2013


I’m delighted to announce that TERMINAL JUSTICE is now available on Amazon in both Kindle (for those techno-wizards amongst you) and paperback versions (for the traditionalists).  With special thanks to my mate, Kevin J. Smith, for the superb artwork!

If you’re fortunate enough to own a Kindle, or have the Kindle app on your phone (free to download from iTunes), you will be able to download a sample of the book (and indeed samples of all my other books if you so wish!) free of charge so you can have a nose first before deciding whether you want to purchase the whole thing.

I hope you enjoy the latest offering …

Cover Artwork ©K.J. Smith 2012

Life is generally a fairly quiet affair for writer and white witch, Lena Rowan.  Okay, so she has a major Brownie infestation at home, a neighbour who thinks she is the spawn of Satan and she occasionally suffers from writer’s block but things could be worse…

When Lena arrives home one afternoon and finds a message on her answer machine from a terrified stranger who begs her for help, she suspects her peace and quiet may be about to suffer a devastating hit.

Thrown into a world of undead murderers, zombies and drug lords, Lena soon discovers that there really is no rest for the wicked…




Look closely at this photo…


Closer still at this photo…

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

User Image

Who is the ‘Slender Man’ in these photos?

Good morning Class.  I hope you enjoyed the above photographic display.  Some of you may be squinting at the photos above wondering what all the excitement is about.  Some of the photos do take a bit of looking at but once you see it… well, once you see it some of you might not sleep well for some time to come.

Who is the Slender Man?  The above photos have been taken from various times and places over the past century or so and if you look carefully, the Slender Man features in each one (yes he does, stop arguing in the front row and take another look).  The Slender Man seems to be a bit of an urban legend.  It’s an impossibly tall, faceless being with peculiar tendril like appendages instead of arms.  Whatever it is, it seems to enjoy wearing a suit while it stalks its prey, so we award brownie points for a good, solid work ethic.  But what does it want?  There are stories of people being stalked by this creature until they are so paranoid they need medical care.  Sometimes after their encounters with the Slender Man, people just go missing, never to be seen again.  The Slender Man seems to enjoy hunting its prey, leaving them terrified and suffering from an overwhelming sense of paranoia.  Some say the Slender Man likes to kidnap children and some photos I’ve come across showing the Slender Man lurking in the background state that some of the children in the photo vanished not long afterwards and were never found (Note: Parents with unruly children, please refrain from seeking the Slender Man out as a form of alternative childcare).

But you know what, I don’t think you need to start panicking just yet.  It would seem the Slender Man first made an appearance on the forum of Something Awful as a bit of fun.  Yes, Photoshop and a super imagination are all you need these days to terrify the pants off the world.  Hats off to the creator of the Slender Man – you did a brilliant job.

So come on, hands up, who started reading this post and began to feel the faceless presence of the Slender Man at their backs?  If you did, you’re not alone.  I certainly sat up and paid attention when I came across some of the images posted on the internet but it just goes to show the internet can and will play you for a fool if you let it.  Sleep well tonight in the knowledge that the Slender Man will not be seeking you out.

But if, like me, you love a daily dose of spookiness, have a look at this.  Fiction it may be, but some of the images still give me a delicious paranormal shiver…

Class dismissed.


©Nicola Kirk and 2012


When I wrote the blog post below, I mentioned the creation of Tulpas.  Go ahead, have a read, I’ll wait here until you’re up to speed…

Hi.  I was thinking about Tulpas again today and began wondering if the imaginary friends that some children have to accompany them through childhood are actually Tulpas.  Kids have excellent imaginations, as we all know.  What if some children’s imaginations are so vivid they actually bring their imaginary friends into our reality.  What if the additional space your child insists you set for ‘Freddy’ the Invisible Friend is actually very much occupied, but we, as adults who ‘know more than kids do and, of course, these things don’t exist,’ fail to see them?

It’s food for thought.  Next time your child tells you his imaginary friend doesn’t like broccoli, so please don’t put any on his plate tonight, it might be time to take a good long look at that supposedly empty chair at the table…

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were small that you were convinced was the real deal?  Do you have one now?  Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.


Are You Just A Figment Of My Imagination?

I met up with some friends the other weekend and, while we were sitting there chatting over a nice cup of tea, the subject turned to ghosts (of course).  My friends used to run paranormal events at a location that will remain nameless.  They told me that, some time ago, they had decided to run a small experiment to see how much influence the power of suggestion had over people when it came to ghost hunting and all things spooky.  They invented a story about a spook called ‘Bob’, I think we shall call him, and mentioned in passing to various people that ‘Bob’ haunted a certain area of the venue.   For the record, there is no history for a ghost called Bob whatsoever, it was an experiment to see if ‘mediums’ and punters would start picking up on the suggestion of the imaginary ghost.  Well, it appears that visitors and, embarrassingly enough for any true psychics out there,  mediums did indeed start to pick up on ‘Bob the ghost’, which goes to show that people are, sadly, easily led and are eager to believe whatever they are told.  I understand that ‘Bob’ became quite a celebrity rather quickly.  It has been some time since my friends ran their tours at this property but apparently ‘Bob’ is still a hot favourite for visitors and mediums alike.

Here’s One I Made Earlier…

This incident reminds me of a similar experiment where a ‘ghost’ called Philip was created by a group of Canadian parapsychologists.  They made up a‘history’ for Philip and made such a good job of it that the ghost of Philip actually started to show signs of manifesting, such as moving tables across the room, sometimes without anyone from the group actually touching the table.  Further details can be found by clicking the link below:


Monks – They Were Scary Enough To Start With!

I have heard further stories of people who have created a ‘tulpas’ – a fictional character that is believed in so strongly that it takes on a physical form.  I have yet to try this but I’m considering creating a  Chippendale tulpas …

Here is a link on the ‘tulpas’ theory which makes for interesting reading – the Creating Philip story is also featured on this website.  I particularly liked this article and it’s well worth reading right the way through – perhaps what we see in day to day life is indeed not what we think – click on the link below:


“Didn’t You Hear Me?  I Said WOOOO!!!”

So just how many hauntings are ‘real’?  Are some ghosts merely the products of powerful imaginations conjuring a different reality (got a bit ‘woo woo’ there, sorry)?  Perhaps stories that started out as just an exciting tale to scare people actually have taken on lives of their own because people now believe so strongly, as seen in the story of ‘Creating Philip’ and ‘Create your own scary monk’.   If so, perhaps ‘Bob’ and I need to have a little chat.


©Nicola Kirk and 2011


Ouija boards… I’ve seen many mixed reactions from people when it comes to the use of Ouija boards.  Some are openly terrified of them.  Others, such as myself, think they make a very nice table mat when they’re not being used (although I did eventually have to put it away as people often spilled their coffee when they realised what they were using as a coaster).  I am the proud owner of two Ouija boards (is this Ouija broadband?) and I’ve got to say I have not been subject of any interdimensional invasions, possessions or paranormal terrorism.  Perhaps this is just sheer luck or maybe the paranormal world just doesn’t find life at home with the Kirks that appealing.  Perhaps an invasion has been attempted but the Wraiths From Beyond got fed up with treading on my son’s Lego and decided to try somewhere less dangerous instead.

Anyway, this particular novel goes a bit like this…

Lisa, Lex and Rena are best friends – they do everything together, but when an evening’s fun with a Ouija board gets a little out of hand they soon find out just how deep their friendship actually runs.

Ouija is a fictional novel about three women who suspect their Ouija board might just be a direct telephone line to Satan.  Some would say that on its own is terrifying enough, but when a murderous Occultist and her demons set their sights on the women as potential sacrifices for their nefarious rituals, things look pretty dire for the three friends.




©Nicola Kirk and 2012

Book Cover Image and Design ©Nicola Kirk 2012

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