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Look closely at this photo…


Closer still at this photo…

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

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Who is the ‘Slender Man’ in these photos?

Good morning Class.  I hope you enjoyed the above photographic display.  Some of you may be squinting at the photos above wondering what all the excitement is about.  Some of the photos do take a bit of looking at but once you see it… well, once you see it some of you might not sleep well for some time to come.

Who is the Slender Man?  The above photos have been taken from various times and places over the past century or so and if you look carefully, the Slender Man features in each one (yes he does, stop arguing in the front row and take another look).  The Slender Man seems to be a bit of an urban legend.  It’s an impossibly tall, faceless being with peculiar tendril like appendages instead of arms.  Whatever it is, it seems to enjoy wearing a suit while it stalks its prey, so we award brownie points for a good, solid work ethic.  But what does it want?  There are stories of people being stalked by this creature until they are so paranoid they need medical care.  Sometimes after their encounters with the Slender Man, people just go missing, never to be seen again.  The Slender Man seems to enjoy hunting its prey, leaving them terrified and suffering from an overwhelming sense of paranoia.  Some say the Slender Man likes to kidnap children and some photos I’ve come across showing the Slender Man lurking in the background state that some of the children in the photo vanished not long afterwards and were never found (Note: Parents with unruly children, please refrain from seeking the Slender Man out as a form of alternative childcare).

But you know what, I don’t think you need to start panicking just yet.  It would seem the Slender Man first made an appearance on the forum of Something Awful as a bit of fun.  Yes, Photoshop and a super imagination are all you need these days to terrify the pants off the world.  Hats off to the creator of the Slender Man – you did a brilliant job.

So come on, hands up, who started reading this post and began to feel the faceless presence of the Slender Man at their backs?  If you did, you’re not alone.  I certainly sat up and paid attention when I came across some of the images posted on the internet but it just goes to show the internet can and will play you for a fool if you let it.  Sleep well tonight in the knowledge that the Slender Man will not be seeking you out.

But if, like me, you love a daily dose of spookiness, have a look at this.  Fiction it may be, but some of the images still give me a delicious paranormal shiver…

Class dismissed.


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