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Impressive Photo… But Is It Really A Ghost?


The above photo is doing the rounds in the paranormal world at the moment.  A paranormal group (ORBS) visited the basement of the Sandusky County Historical Jail in Ohio, USA, and managed to snap the above photograph during one of their vigils. It appears to show the torso of a being at the far end of the corridor.  I, too, would be over the moon to snap a photo like this but I always find myself wishing that these ghostly images were clearer.  They always seem to be so blurred.  But yes, it does look ever so intriguing and I’m sure paranormal lovers everywhere are delighted that ORBS are sharing it with the rest of us.  I wondered if anyone out there has any further information on who or what they think the figure might be – a long-lost prisoner who never emerged from their time in the dungeon perhaps or (don’t ‘boo‘ me here, please) is it just a photographic anomaly?

One of the other clips I’ve come across recently is the one below – you don’t have to watch the entire thing, but if you forward to 2:09… well, if it’s a fake it’s been well thought through!  It makes me shiver even now and I’ve seen this clip quite a few times.  Apparently no one noticed the headless figure making its way towards the camera until after they reviewed the footage.  Sleepless nights, here we come!

I’m Coming To Get You…

Turning now to a bit of terrifying fun – I thought the video below was brilliant, though not for the fainthearted.  It’s amazing how realistic people can make things look these days when it comes to scary effects (although it does make sorting fact from fiction pretty much impossible… and is it just me, or do the little arms that pop up from under the door look like little willies…?):

Give Us A Hand Mate?

The photo below is apparently from and the story that goes with it is that a nurse was testing her camera flash in the hospital with the lights off.  If you take a look at the ‘close up’ photo below the main one, it looks like someone else was keen to get in on the action – wonderfully chilling stuff – I love the way the figure is staring right at you as if posing for the picture.

picture of a hospital ghost picture of a hospital phantom

Could You Get My Good Side, Please?


And so, until next time my dear ghost hunting friends…


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