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Leaping Into The Rabbit Hole (With A Pack Of Cards At The Ready)

My Chosen Pack – The Vampire Tarot

I have had a pack of Tarot cards for many years. I’ve barely used them, mainly because I don’t have a clue how to drive them. I bought a pack called The Vampire Tarot designed by French artist Natalie Hertz, mainly because I enjoy vampire lore and the pictures of all the various tragic white faced, long fanged, gaunt people appealed to me (think Lord Byron after a Serious Weekend Bender and you’ll get the gist of the cards’ theme). I’ve always found them to be a handsome deck. They draw me in, so I would say it’s my ideal pack of cards. There are many different decks out there but I think if you have a mooch around online, you’ll come across a pack and design that ticks your boxes and that you’ll feel a connection with.

I have to admit, it’s very daunting looking at this massive pile of cards with all these signs and symbols on them and I am finding myself wondering how I’m ever going to divine anything of any real meaning to me or anyone else:

“Ah, I see you have picked the King of Wands!”

“Wow, what does it mean?”

“You… um… like dressing up and waving a large pointy stick around?”

“I… I don’t think that’s quite right.”

“We can meditate on it for a bit if you want?”

But it does say that some cards do not always make their meaning immediately clear. Thank goodness, I get some time to think about it. That and reading the little booklet that comes with each set of cards giving you an idea what each one is meant to mean. Although I suspect whipping a book out mid-reading is not going to put the Querent’s mind at rest (that’s the person wanting the reading – see, I learned something today).

So far, I’ve checked all 78 cards are still there and the cat hasn’t chewed on any of them and I’ve given them all a good grope to get a feel of them again. The little white book the pack came with gives a basic but helpful breakdown of what each card means, it will come in handy just to refresh me if I get stuck and will point me in the right direction again. The cards themselves are a nice size for my hands and they make a satisfying solid noise when you lay them on the table, a proper ‘I Am Placed Here!’ sort of sound.

In the course I’m studying it says that you have to make sure you store your Tarot cards properly in order to ‘maintain their positive energy and accurate readings’. There are proper storing and cleansing techniques. I suspect keeping them in your bottom drawer and wiping them over with a wet wipe isn’t going to cut it. So! I have a nice little box for the pack to kick back in and chill.

Also, it appears I need to cleanse my pack as I haven’t used them for a long time. Looks to be a few different ways of doing this. I can give them a shuffle (watch me drop them on the floor), meditate on them (don’t let the mind wander off to the kettle) or there’s even… a Moon Bath.

Reckon I could do with a Moon Bath.


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