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Zombie Framed Tile

Unless They’re From Mount Fitchet, In Which Case They’ll Just Shuffle After You A Bit.

Ah, I love Hallowe’en – it’s my favourite time of year.  When a friend of mine mentioned there was a Hallowe’en event at Mount Fitchet Castle near Stansted, Essex, well, how could I refuse? On Friday 1st November (not quite Hallowe’en night, but it was still the Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead… if you’re from Mexico…) my friend and I took a drive to Mount Fitchet and braced ourselves accordingly.

Do Not Drink The Water

In Mulled Wine There Is… Uh, I Think I’m Happier Not Knowing.

The evening started with an offer of hot mulled wine, which I unfortunately couldn’t partake in because I was driving but perhaps that wasn’t such a terrible thing because my friend advised me that it tasted like nothing she’d never tasted before.  And not in a good way.   Okay, I had a tiny sip just out of sheer curiosity and once I’d managed to uncross my eyeballs, I came to the decision that mulled wine could be used as a method of corporal punishment.

Common sense dictated it would be wise to hunt out the ladies toilets before the tour started and I was advised it was ‘outside… see that light over there in the distance?’  I had a squint through the pitch black night and saw what might have been the dim light of a bulb burning in the distance.  I was glad the designers of iPhone had seen fit to give my phone ‘torch’ mode.  Because of this minor detour, I missed the first couple of minutes of the warm up act, a woman dressed up in old rags who was busy instilling fear into the masses with tales of ‘the Master’ who was on his way to take us on the tour.    It was when ‘the Master’ bowled in that I realised the evening was definitely going to be a good giggle.  Sitting at the back of the room did not offer an ounce of protection from the Master’s beady eye and I was quizzed about why I’d brought my cat with me (I was wearing an enormous fluffy scarf) and was labelled ‘cat woman’ for the rest of the evening, but I got off lightly as the guy opposite me was nicknamed ‘Product Man’ seeing as he’d cleared his bathroom cabinet of hair gel that evening.

And Not In A Good Way

We were led out of the main reception area and out to the main encampment. Halfway up the hill a young man, who appeared to be part of our group, approached the Master.  I overheard the Master saying, ‘Oh, okay, well stay here with me and I’ll get someone to come and get you to take you back again…” but before the Master could finish the young lad keeled over onto the grass and the rest of us were left standing there thinking ‘is this part of the evening or should we also be down in the mud trying to help…?”  I don’t think any of us had quite gathered our wits before the lad started to growl in a most unseemly manner and claw his way towards the rest of us.  Ahh… I see – Zombie Night was under way!   Once we’d dodged around the groaning, and now slightly muddy individual on the floor (apparently he had another six performances of that to get through before he was done for the night) the Master regaled us with tales of how witches of old were dealt with by the fiendish self-proclaimed Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins.  There was an accompanying slide show which sent shivers up my spine – they really used to go all out when it came to dispatching suspected witches.  I think the woodcut of one individual being hung up by the legs and cut in half had us all crossing our legs with sympathy.

I Believe This Covers It…

It was at this point that the Master then passed us over into the care of the ‘military’ where I was asked for my name and age in a dark tent and then was squirted directly in the face with ‘decontamination’ spray.  Wasn’t expecting that.  I think I may have referred to the person that did it as a ‘total bugger’… or words to that effect.

There was no artificial lighting up on the Mount other than little bonfires lit here and there which were both welcome and eerie at the same time.  There was also a low-lying mist that added to the atmosphere.  Somehow my friend and I started off right at the front of our group and then after a few zombie attacks ended up right at the back, so wherever we went we seemed to be prime zombie fodder.  The actors were great fun, dressed up in their zombie outfits with hideous make-up and well-practised zombie shuffles.  My friend attached herself to the back of my coat as we ventured through pitch black ‘morgue tent’ where we were liberally accosted by flailing zombie hands and shut in unlit cabins with sinister hooded figures.  It was great fun.  It reminded me of a sanitised version of the film “28 Days Later”.

Would I go again?  Oh, most definitely!  Put a note in your diary to go next year if you can.

But if you’re not quite feeling brave enough to venture out at Hallowe’en to fend off the zombies, you can still go during the day when they are in hiding and enjoy a  family-friendly day out.  Click here to see when the castle is open (but bear in mind that it is seasonal and shuts for the winter).

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Are You Just A Figment Of My Imagination?

I met up with some friends the other weekend and, while we were sitting there chatting over a nice cup of tea, the subject turned to ghosts (of course).  My friends used to run paranormal events at a location that will remain nameless.  They told me that, some time ago, they had decided to run a small experiment to see how much influence the power of suggestion had over people when it came to ghost hunting and all things spooky.  They invented a story about a spook called ‘Bob’, I think we shall call him, and mentioned in passing to various people that ‘Bob’ haunted a certain area of the venue.   For the record, there is no history for a ghost called Bob whatsoever, it was an experiment to see if ‘mediums’ and punters would start picking up on the suggestion of the imaginary ghost.  Well, it appears that visitors and, embarrassingly enough for any true psychics out there,  mediums did indeed start to pick up on ‘Bob the ghost’, which goes to show that people are, sadly, easily led and are eager to believe whatever they are told.  I understand that ‘Bob’ became quite a celebrity rather quickly.  It has been some time since my friends ran their tours at this property but apparently ‘Bob’ is still a hot favourite for visitors and mediums alike.

Here’s One I Made Earlier…

This incident reminds me of a similar experiment where a ‘ghost’ called Philip was created by a group of Canadian parapsychologists.  They made up a‘history’ for Philip and made such a good job of it that the ghost of Philip actually started to show signs of manifesting, such as moving tables across the room, sometimes without anyone from the group actually touching the table.  Further details can be found by clicking the link below:


Monks – They Were Scary Enough To Start With!

I have heard further stories of people who have created a ‘tulpas’ – a fictional character that is believed in so strongly that it takes on a physical form.  I have yet to try this but I’m considering creating a  Chippendale tulpas …

Here is a link on the ‘tulpas’ theory which makes for interesting reading – the Creating Philip story is also featured on this website.  I particularly liked this article and it’s well worth reading right the way through – perhaps what we see in day to day life is indeed not what we think – click on the link below:


“Didn’t You Hear Me?  I Said WOOOO!!!”

So just how many hauntings are ‘real’?  Are some ghosts merely the products of powerful imaginations conjuring a different reality (got a bit ‘woo woo’ there, sorry)?  Perhaps stories that started out as just an exciting tale to scare people actually have taken on lives of their own because people now believe so strongly, as seen in the story of ‘Creating Philip’ and ‘Create your own scary monk’.   If so, perhaps ‘Bob’ and I need to have a little chat.


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When it comes to imaginary friends, sometimes parents don’t always know best.

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Working at a museum can be anything but dull and dusty – you never know when history will reach out to grab you.

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Cats:  You can’t live with them, they refuse to die quietly…

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Ghost Busting: Alas, it’s never like the films…

The other week I was fortunate enough to be invited to a paranormal investigation, purely as an observer, but it was a treat nonetheless – these events generally are.  I have changed the names of people and places to respect their privacy (and so they can’t hunt me down and lob rotten vegetables at me) but, at the end of the day, it is the experience itself that matters, isn’t it?  And for this particular experience, if I was to play some theme music to it, the Benny Hill theme would suit it down to the ground.

My good friend, Sally, is the curator of a rather nice museum and she had been approached by a paranormal group, let’s call them… Almost Haunted, and was asked if they could investigate.  Sally agreed that they could.  A few weeks before the actual investigation, Almost Haunted‘s medium, (ummm, let’s call her Flossie) and one of her technical chaps had popped along for a pre-investigation investigation.  During this pre-investigation, Flossie and her colleague had a brief wander around the museum while it was still daylight and the medium declared she was in touch with the spirit of a young boy of about six years old called Robert.  She said Robert particularly liked the area of the museum that was full of 1970s artefacts but he was annoyed that Sally had recently moved a clock that had been sitting on top of a television there.  Why that particular item being moved would bother a child considering that the contents of the museum are changed and swapped around on a regular basis, I don’t know.  However, Sally was a little surprised by this piece of information because she had indeed moved the clock.  When she was alone, Sally had a closer inspection of the area around the clock to see if there were any tell-tale dust marks that might have indicated to Flossie that the clock had been moved, but she couldn’t see anything.  A lucky guess, perhaps?  Who knows?

Where’s Casper when you need him?  At least he was chatty…

Another spirit that Flossie picked up on at the museum was  a Victorian looking woman called Emily who was apparently stuck on what Flossie referred to as a ‘loop’, meaning she was carrying out the same task again and again.  Flossie said that the woman was ‘extremely busy’ and didn’t have time to stop and talk because she had people to feed.  Furthermore, there was also a rather unpleasant spirit  called George who was dressed as a farrier.  George was not keen on the little boy, Robert, perhaps because Robert sounded like a bit of a brat.

As well as running the museum, Sally also has the use of an old house nearby where she keeps excess artefacts.  She refers to the house as ‘the store’.  I’ve been to the store myself a few times, and although it does have a bit of a musty smell to it, no carpets and an air of long disuse, there’s nothing particularly horrible about it, but I suppose the sheer fact that a house is unlived in is sometimes enough to give it an uncomfortable atmosphere and Sally particularly hates having to go in there alone.  She told me that she was once downstairs working away in what was once the living room when she heard distinct footsteps coming from the room above her.  She was completely alone at the time.   Yup, feel those hairs rising on the back of your neck, ladies and gentlemen…

During the brief tour around the store in August, Flossie said that she didn’t like Room 1, which is just on the left as you walk in (the old living room).  In Room 2, just behind Room 1, which is currently full of old uniforms and tunics, the medium said she sensed a man called Ted who was dressed in what she thought was some kind of railway uniform.  Upstairs, she found a little girl who liked to play with Robert at times – Robert had apparently followed Flossie and Sally over from the museum to the store, and the little girl liked to watch Sally and her colleagues working sometimes – not creepy at all…

Ghostly Footsteps: Who was stalking Sally at ‘the store’?

Moving  upstairs to Room 5, Flossie discovered the spirit of a chap called Edward who was also on a ‘loop’, sitting at a desk, busy slaving over some accounts.  Now, is it just me, or does there seem to be an incredible abundance of ghosts running amok in the museum and store?  It seems to be packed to the rafters with all things dead and who are too busy to stop and chat.

Flossie’s technical assistant took some photos while they were there but unfortunately they failed to show anything of interest, and the EVP recordings (electronic voice phenomena) were sadly blank too.  Again, I find myself wondering that if there were that many ghosts/spirits/whatever you want to call them, all floating around the place, surely one of them might be a little bit interested in making an appearance on film or voice recorder? But no, not so much as a peep from mischievous little Robert or the ever busy Emily.  It would appear that, mediums aside, no matter how many spooks are allegedly crammed into your abode, getting them to appear or stop for a chat is a mission impossible.  You’d have thought the dead would relish the chance to scare the pants off the living.  I know I would, but then I’m a bit evil like that.

During an EVP session the voice recorder turned off after about 30 minutes and Flossie declared that the batteries had been mysteriously ‘drained’, although Sally suspected the batteries may have just died of natural causes because she had overheard Flossie asking one of her technical chaps earlier if they had remembered their voice recorder – possibly because Flossie’s batteries weren’t very fresh to begin with and she was worried they might die during the preliminary investigation.  Which they did.

Why doesn’t it work? Try new batteries…

At this point my imagination was beginning to run riot over what the actual investigation in October was going to be like…

But I’ll have to tell you all about the official investigation in the second part of this post.


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Be nice to your cat – you never know what he might bring home as a present…

Click here for a free copy of:  Look What The Cat Dragged In

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Nestled in the Essex countryside is an unremarkable looking bungalow. But appearances can be deceiving. For this is no ordinary bungalow. Its unassuming appearance hides bloodcurdling secrets and a horrific history.

Built in 1952 and protected by blast screens, Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker was the intended base for the Prime Minister and top government officials in the event of a nuclear attack.

When the government abandoned the bunker in 1993 everything was left behind. Even now, military and hospital equipment lies unused, alongside rows of bunk beds, radiation warning posters and cardboard coffins. But the most chilling reminder of this building’s history is the mysterious presence that walks the long, dark corridors. Rumoured to be the spirit of a construction worker whose body is buried somewhere in the 10 foot thick concrete walls, this sad spectre regularly makes his presence known…

Come and stay the night –  if you dare…

On 30 October 2010, St John Ambulance will be celebrating Hallowe’en by leading a group of its most intrepid supporters to investigate the paranormal activity reported at Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker.

We will be joined by psychic-mediums, Nicola Farmer and Paul Woods.

Schedule for the night

  • 8pm – Arrive and tour of the bunker
  • 9pm – Buffet and introduction
  • 9.30pm – Room-reading with psychic-medium Nicola Farmer
  • 10pm – Ghost-hunting, séances and torch-lit tours with Nicola Farmer and Paul Woods
  • Midnight – Horror films, roaming the bunker or trying to sleep
  • 7am – Tea and coffee and debrief (for those who have survived the night…)

Sign up today

To register for the Buried in the Bunker you will need to:

  • Pay a registration fee of £35 (incl. VAT)
  • Raise minimum sponsorship of £150.

Register and pay online

If you’d like more information, please call us on  020 7324 4173 or email

Terms and conditions

  • I pledge to raise a minimum of £150 for St John Ambulance. Any Gift Aid claimed from my sponsor’s donations is not included in my sponsorship total.
  • Sponsorship money must be paid to St John Ambulance NHQ by Friday 26 November 2010.
  • I enclose a registration fee of £35.00 (incl. VAT) and I agree to take part in the Buried in a bunker at my own risk. St John Ambulance will provide a safe environment for this event but will not be responsible for any loss, damage, illness or injury caused or arising out of my involvement with this event (St John Ambulance does not exclude liability for personal injury or death resulting from its negligence). Refunds of registration fees will not be given unless we are unable to offer you a place at this event.
  • I will act responsibly during the event. Should I be considered acting irresponsibly by St John Ambulance or Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker staff I may be asked to leave.
  • I am not aware of any medical condition or other reason why I should not participate.
  • I will be over 18 years of age on the day of the event.
  • Should I not be able to take my place after it has been confirmed, any sponsorship money raised should be offered back to my sponsors. In the event that they wish to donate it, it should then be sent to St John Ambulance NHQ.

Buried application Form

Kelvedon Bunker Poster.jpeg

Link to St John’s Ambulance Website




I am pleased to announce that all short stories on my blog are available to download for free.  Click here for more free short stories.  If you enjoy them, please feel free to leave some feedback!



If you have a nagging wife, and no one else can help, perhaps you should call… Mary Mournay.

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Next time your child is being a little devil, just thank your lucky stars they’re not really the spawn of Satan…

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