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I am often amazed by the paranormal qualities of the London Underground.  What did happen to that train that was supposed to be here five minutes ago?  How do so many people manage to ram themselves into a single carriage at Oxford Circus?  Does that man really believe he is invisible and that we are not going to notice the fact he’s lighting up a spliff in the middle of a packed carriage?  I’ve written in the past about ghosts reported on the London Underground but during a recent ‘condor moment’ I started thinking about other strange transportation occurrences that the paranormal world has thrown out into the ether over the years.  The first one that stuck in my mind was this one, the Phantom Car Chase:

Meanwhile in Russia, strange cars seemingly appear out of nowhere and the overuse of the question mark is demonstrated in full force:

And finally, if you’re having a go at teleporting your car, at least make sure you don’t teleport into the side of someone else’s car because, you know, insurance companies frown on that sort of thing.  Rookie error Number One can be viewed below:


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