Nicola Kirk: Author and Collector of Paranormal Stories and Other Strange Encounters

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  On here, that is.  I am now proud to announce that I have finally finished my latest novel, The Little Book of Dating Disasters and it is now available on Amazon in either book format or on Kindle:

“EVA HARPER IS LOOKING FOR A MAN… But not just any man. Eva’s man must be funny, sensitive and if he could turn out not to be gay, well, that wouldn’t go amiss either. But finding such a man soon starts to feel like a mission impossible, leaving Eva’s private life a Ground Zero for Disastrous Dates. But when Eva meets Ethan Law, she quickly discovers he is everything she could possibly want – except for one small problem. Ethan is a male escort. Can Eva overcome her jealousy before it’s too late and what lengths will she go to to keep her man?”

So go on, give yourself a little lighthearted entertainment over the Christmas break and get yourself a copy.

Here’s to a very happy new year!



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