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When I studied for my A-levels, I decided, in my questionable wisdom, to take Theatre Studies as one of my subjects.  Well, I didn’t exactly end up making a career on stage, but I did enjoy it immensely and although Anton Chekov’s “The Seagull” left my entirely female A-level class (and you can only imagine the rampaging hormones that ran riot through that particular class) a little lost and bewildered (really, what was that stuffed seagull thing all about?) it didn’t stop me from writing a few things myself. 

‘To The Bride and Doom’ is a Victorian black comedy in two Acts and it goes a little bit like this:

“During the reign of Queen Victoria, when the Bennett family fall on hard times, desperate measures are required! But when Elizabeth Bennett’s parents decide the only way out of their financial predicament is to marry Elizabeth off to someone rich and stupid they discover that this is easier said than done, especially when Elizabeth comes up with some inventive, if not slightly psychopathic, ways of escaping her wedding vows.”

Some of you may think that a theatre script won’t be as interesting to read as a novel, but I think scripts are just as much fun because you are using the ‘theatre of the mind’ to stage the performance… oh, alright, I just find scripts fun to read, and I hope you will enjoy reading this one too.

You can purchase a copy of ‘To The Bride And Doom’ on Amazon in Kindle format and, of course, the traditional paperback format.

If you fancy staging this play, do let me know as I’d love to see how it looks on an actual stage and not just in ‘the theatre of the mind’…

Wishing you a very happy new year!

Best wishes.


©Nicola Kirk and 2012


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