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When I wrote the blog post below, I mentioned the creation of Tulpas.  Go ahead, have a read, I’ll wait here until you’re up to speed…

Hi.  I was thinking about Tulpas again today and began wondering if the imaginary friends that some children have to accompany them through childhood are actually Tulpas.  Kids have excellent imaginations, as we all know.  What if some children’s imaginations are so vivid they actually bring their imaginary friends into our reality.  What if the additional space your child insists you set for ‘Freddy’ the Invisible Friend is actually very much occupied, but we, as adults who ‘know more than kids do and, of course, these things don’t exist,’ fail to see them?

It’s food for thought.  Next time your child tells you his imaginary friend doesn’t like broccoli, so please don’t put any on his plate tonight, it might be time to take a good long look at that supposedly empty chair at the table…

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were small that you were convinced was the real deal?  Do you have one now?  Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.


Are You Just A Figment Of My Imagination?

I met up with some friends the other weekend and, while we were sitting there chatting over a nice cup of tea, the subject turned to ghosts (of course).  My friends used to run paranormal events at a location that will remain nameless.  They told me that, some time ago, they had decided to run a small experiment to see how much influence the power of suggestion had over people when it came to ghost hunting and all things spooky.  They invented a story about a spook called ‘Bob’, I think we shall call him, and mentioned in passing to various people that ‘Bob’ haunted a certain area of the venue.   For the record, there is no history for a ghost called Bob whatsoever, it was an experiment to see if ‘mediums’ and punters would start picking up on the suggestion of the imaginary ghost.  Well, it appears that visitors and, embarrassingly enough for any true psychics out there,  mediums did indeed start to pick up on ‘Bob the ghost’, which goes to show that people are, sadly, easily led and are eager to believe whatever they are told.  I understand that ‘Bob’ became quite a celebrity rather quickly.  It has been some time since my friends ran their tours at this property but apparently ‘Bob’ is still a hot favourite for visitors and mediums alike.

Here’s One I Made Earlier…

This incident reminds me of a similar experiment where a ‘ghost’ called Philip was created by a group of Canadian parapsychologists.  They made up a‘history’ for Philip and made such a good job of it that the ghost of Philip actually started to show signs of manifesting, such as moving tables across the room, sometimes without anyone from the group actually touching the table.  Further details can be found by clicking the link below:


Monks – They Were Scary Enough To Start With!

I have heard further stories of people who have created a ‘tulpas’ – a fictional character that is believed in so strongly that it takes on a physical form.  I have yet to try this but I’m considering creating a  Chippendale tulpas …

Here is a link on the ‘tulpas’ theory which makes for interesting reading – the Creating Philip story is also featured on this website.  I particularly liked this article and it’s well worth reading right the way through – perhaps what we see in day to day life is indeed not what we think – click on the link below:


“Didn’t You Hear Me?  I Said WOOOO!!!”

So just how many hauntings are ‘real’?  Are some ghosts merely the products of powerful imaginations conjuring a different reality (got a bit ‘woo woo’ there, sorry)?  Perhaps stories that started out as just an exciting tale to scare people actually have taken on lives of their own because people now believe so strongly, as seen in the story of ‘Creating Philip’ and ‘Create your own scary monk’.   If so, perhaps ‘Bob’ and I need to have a little chat.


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  1. I made my very own lover. Sadly, he never grew to the point of manifesting corporeally. I soon gave up on such an increasingly pointless project.

    • Hi Marina,

      Thanks for your comments. How much time did you spend on this project? From what I have read, it takes quite some time to create a tulpas (I’m sure there are many people out there who have attempted the same thing as you – I wonder if they have had any luck).

      Best wishes.


      • He started out as an imaginary, ah, sex partner. I gave it a different form depending on which fictional character I fancied at the time. I put a lot of fantasy into each session, which was only a few times each month and an hour long on average. This little “hobby” of mine went on for several years.
        I eventually noticed 2 years ago that my lover-on-demand seemed to contain a kind of sentient presence. After establishing communication with it, giving it a name and even interacting with it outside of the bedroom, I became certain that I was dealing with an actual spirit. Only recently did I conclude that he was still just a little too imaginary to be an actual being in space-time.
        I think I need a boyfriend, heh.

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