Nicola Kirk: Author and Collector of Paranormal Stories and Other Strange Encounters

“First rule of an investigation – always go in pairs…”

These words come to haunt paranormal investigator, Heather King, when she reluctantly agrees to let her best friend and colleague, Lynette Matthews, go off on her own to investigate supernatural goings on deep in London’s West End. When Lynette goes missing and an egotistical private investigator is brought in to track down the unfortunate woman, Heather can’t believe things can possibly get any worse… until she meets the bloodthirsty clans of the Tiennador Lands.

Caught up in a desperate race to save Lynette’s life as well as her own, time is running out to reach the Fortress of Kirator before hell is unleashed on earth.

SAMPLE CHAPTER: Chapter One Sample – Tiennador

Pages: 406

First published: 2006

Language: English

Format: PDF file

Preferred method of payment: Paypal

Price: £5.50 (paperback originally £15.50)

Reviews of this book can be found on Amazon

To place an order email:

©Nicola Kirk and 2010



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