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The Legend of 3:33am…

In my earlier article, The Gate House, Kieron Savill of Paranormal Knights mentioned that there were some interesting theories flying around on the internet as to why some people frequently find themselves waking up at 3.33am.    What is so special about 3:33am?

One forum user made an interesting comment: “333 is only half the message, that’s why it is being repeated. The whole message is 666. Sleep tight.”

It may be meant as a jokey comment, but is there more to it?  It is generally accepted that the ‘witching hour’ is 1am and it is considered a time when the veil between this world and the next is thin enough to allow things of a supernatural persuasion to take a peek into our world.  But some say the ‘witching hour’ can also be any time between 12am and 3am, with 3am being sometimes referred to as the ‘Devil’s Hour’. Perhaps waking up at 3:33am is the Devil’s rather persistent way of getting your attention…

Being the ‘Devil’s Hour’, 3am is also apparently a prime time to whip out your grimoire for Black Mass. I wonder if Satanists restrained themselves until 3:33am if they would have more luck.

Rather worryingly for those who find themselves waking up at 3am or 3:33am, Kenneth Deel’s website reports: “In short if you often wake up to see the clock is exactly 3:AM, you might being seeing this as a warning. The number 3 turning up is a Demonic symbol, so we take note on a short list when it occurs. As it can often defiantly (sic) be an indication something is manifesting or already has…”

In Will Storr’s book, Will Storr Vs the Supernatural (which is a book I would highly recommend – very entertaining and well written), he has included a section about strange occurrences between the hours of 3am and 4am (although from what I’ve seen so far it’s beginning to look like any time after the sun goes down is a good time to break out the EMF meter).

Another forum user suggested that if you sleep between two doors, you may be getting hit by the ‘spiritual traffic’ that moves around between the hours of 2am and 4am.  Perhaps 3:33am is rush hour on the spiritual plane.

Another interesting theory is that Christ was allegedly killed at 3pm, so what with 3am being the inversion of this time, it is the chosen hour for all things of an antichristian bent to come out and party.

On yet another forum (got to love forums, haven’t you?), this one being the GHE Paranormal forum that Dave Hobbs runs with general abandon, it is suggested that maybe people wake up once at 3:33am, think ‘what a coincidence, all the threes!’ and then manage to subconsciously programme themselves to wake up at the same time on subsequent nights.

On the other hand, perhaps the phenomenon can be explained in a rather more mundane fashion.  If anyone else out there is like me and wakes up bleary eyed in the night and looks at the clock, every time could read 3:33am.  Some digital clock displays fade over time until it can be a struggle to read the numbers, especially if you’re half asleep.  And can’t be bothered to put your glasses on.


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  1. In one of messages of the Virgin Mary given to Don Stefano Gobbi, of the Marian Movement of Priests, we can read: “333 indicated once, that is to say, for the first time, expresses the mystery of the unity of God. 333 indicated twice, that is to say, for the second time, indicates the two natures, that of the divine and the human, united in the divine Person of Jesus Christ, 333 indicated thrice, that is to say, for the third time, indicates the mystery of the Three Divine Persons, that is to say, it expresses the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. Thus the number, 333, expressed one, two and three times, expresses the principal mysteries of the Catholic faith which are: (1) The Unity and the Trinity of God, (2) the incarnation, the passion and death, and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    i found this on:

  2. Hi, I’ve been waking up at 3:33am every mornning for the past 11 years. Heard alot of feed back, read alot of stories connected to the paranomal and so forth. Like to meet other people to share stories and experiences…thank you David

    • Daniel Krettek said:

      Hi David, I’m not able to reach your email through this site but I will try it through my email. If I can’t reach you please try to reach me at Thx. I started waking at 3:33am at the age of 14 or so( I am 46 now). this went on for about 9 months I mean every single night. Then maybe 3-4 nights a week. It has come and gone through the years and has started up again. It started soon after seeing the Amityville Horror, a supposed true story where the father woke at 3:15am every night, and I’m sure you know the rest. I have had absolutely horrific, demonic dreams. Of course, I do love horror movies. I’m just starting to research it now and would really like to pick your brain as you have been experiencing this for an extended time period. The first thing I thought of was 333 is half of 666 which can’t be shown on a clock. I’m trying to find out if it is good or bad. I’m sure that will vary in opinion from priests on down to satanists, but I would like to try to find unbiased opinion. I read that there is some relation to some verses from Daniel in the bible. Guess what my first name is. Anyway, I’ve gotta run. Please contact me.

  3. ps you can email me at with feedback and possible friendship thtax again David

  4. I don’t know if I believe in demons but it is possible that seeing 333 or waking at 3:33 am in the morning is something like a message. If it is half the meaning then why would the devil want a good god loving person to contact or corrupt? I just worry about my friends who are being haunted by this number through out their lives and will be asking psychics and mediums about it forthwith.

    • Hi Bonju,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I suppose many a Christian would argue that the devil’s main purpose is to contact and corrupt honest God-fearing people. Perhaps he would go about it by any means possible, including trying to draw the curious in by only giving them half a message (333). That’s just my thoughts though and I’m sure your friends have nothing to worry about.

      • Also, it might not be a sign, your body can form a routine, i can wake up at 5am every morning without my alarm, it could just be a routine

      • I agree 100%, Ben. I think some people’s bodies do fall into routines without the owner realising.

        Thanks for dropping by.


  5. Back in 2002 around june…i woke up at exactly 3:33 am…to the sound of someone running throughout the house.
    The following day i mentioned it to my girlfriend who did not believe me and had been sleeping next to me at the time.
    That night…again at exactly 3:33 am the same strange thing happened…onky this time i woke my girlfriend so she could see i wasnt crazy.
    It sounded like a kid was running throughout our home.we had floorboards nit carpet.
    The third night was also the final night…
    And yet again at 3:33 am it happened again…only this time i got up to check the
    locks…every door was locked every room was empty and every window shut…i wasnt scared as much as spooked.but the next day i looked up any info i could and i read about 3:33 being the devils hour.
    Just wanted to share my story because evidently i’m not the only person something of this nature has happened to.

    • Hi Mal,

      Thanks so much for your post.

      Have you considered researching where you live to see if any other strange occurrences have been reported in the past, or if your property has any history that might explain the phenomenon?



  6. I’ve seen 3:33 pop up on clocks my whole life, nothing particularly spooky has ever happened at this time however, and I have had a lot of experiences with ghosts in the past. I heard somewhere that 3:33 is the devil’s way of mocking the holy trinity, but I dunno, I’m not very religious.

  7. Hey! Very often I have this relaxing dream about 3:33AM that usually evolves into a disturbing nightmare. I can’t describe it. I’m not a musician but I tried to “express” it with music that I named:

    “3:33AM Relaxing Nightmare”


  8. This happened to me last night. I am not religious (in fact the opposite – science). To add context it was one hell of a weekend. I am in the process of going through a divorce and on Saturday we were having text wars (I know, I know) and it struck me as odd that her final comment to me was “God will strike you down”. I was so angry that I lashed back in sacrilege. On The following day I was catching a flight (which I missed) and booked a later flight. I realized I had left my laptop at home and hit the interstate to return home for it (I had time). I was clipped from behind by another driver, fishtailed, and just as I corrected the truck I plowed into the back of another car. I had no seatbelt on and saw weird things right before impact. (nothing describable) almost like an aura. I had a concussion and contusion but survived. We hit at least at 50+. After the comment made by my wife I began to question why I survived (everyone did although both vehicles were totaled). I later went to the DMV and happened to get a clerk with a”God Bless You” tag she had drawn. I asked to take picture and she offered to give it to me. Now I was really questioning. Last night I woke up at 3:33. Nothing strange happened, no sounds, etc. I did have an eery feeling though which is why I even looked it up. Besides I vividly recall waking at 4:44 the night before I received the news that my cousin passed. I know people seek answers coming to these sites and I don’t have any. Sorry. I just wanted to share my experience. Again this just happened last night. It’s not recurring. Thanks… Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and for your comments, it’s much appreciated.

      Your story brings to mind something I think of as the ‘curse effect’. You may have heard of it before: if someone tells you you are cursed, then something bad or unpleasant happens, you automatically put down to ‘the curse’, whereas if the events had just happened without someone ‘cursing’ you first, you may not have thought too much of it. As your ex told you ‘God will strike you down’, I suspect it would have shocked you somewhat (who wouldn’t have been rather shocked by a comment like that?) and naturally have stuck in your mind, so when the string of unfortunate events happened afterwards you linked it all together and associated it with her ‘curse’ for want of a better word. That’s just my theory though. What do you think?

      Regarding the curious legend of 3:33am, people have told me that they seem to be haunted by other times of the day other than 3:33am and they can’t think why. One particular person says they always notice the time 9:11. They have asked me on more than one occasion why they always seem to notice that time. I suggested that they noticed the time being 9:11 once or twice and have now made a subconscious note of it, so they are more inclined to be ‘aware’ of that particular time of day or night. Either that, or it’s just their natural break time and their brain is telling them ‘it’s 9:11! time to get the tea and biscuits out!’ I’m sure many people will automatically think of the tragic date 9/11 and may think there could be more to it than tea and biscuits though. I’d love to hear what you and others think.

      Hope to hear from you again in future.



  9. I’m one of you, 3:33 has been in my life since I was around 14. Nothing scary just seeing it everywhere, waking up. Also 4:44 and 5:55 has been a few times, but the most funny was when my clock stopped and froze on 9:99 ! My son see 11:11 almost daily, and he always make a wish. 🙂

  10. Donald Waaj said:

    Last night me and my pregnant fiance were sleeping on our couch in the living room like we have done since she has become pregnant, (she says having the TV on relaxes her). Well last night I woke up a few seconds before our TV suddenly and randomly went to loud static. I had a dark feeling rush over me, after comforting my fiance and changing the channel, I looked down at my phone to see the time change from 3:33 to 3:34. Within a few minutes we relaxed and were ready to go back to sleep, when the TV went blackish gray and went two channels down, by itself, the remote was on the floor beneath me and we in no way touched it. We then turned on my Xbox and watched netflix for 3 hours just trying to calm down. When i was able to fall asleep around 6, I had 7-9 short dreams that all started out the exact same way. The whole night had an eerie feeling about it. Should we be worried? or just a crazy random coincident.

    • Hi Donald,

      Without wishing to dismiss your experience, I wasn’t there of course and it sounds like quite an unsettling thing to have happened during the night, I wouldn’t read too much into it. It could well have been just a glitch with the TV. If it had happened during the day, chances are you wouldn’t have thought too much of it, just given the telly a whack and went on with your day as usual. Things always seem so much worse and frightening when they happen at night. Has this just happened the once? Your odd dreams could have been brought about because you had an unsettling night and it was your brain’s way of sorting through the information. As I say, I don’t wish to appear to be super skeptical, but I’d hate for you to be worried that there’s something odd going on when there’s probably a normal explanation for what you experienced.

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experiences.


  11. werner niksch said:

    hi there
    i just woke up last night at 3:33 am and googled it and got to your page.
    well when i grew up my mom used to tell me about the things that happened at our old house.she used to wake up at 3:33am every night and then her cupboard door would slowly creak open,a broken music toy,which string you used to pull for music,started playing(the string was totally pulled out and it didnt work even if i pulled it on my hardest)and sometimes she said it even felt like someone was sitting next to her on her bed.nobody believed her about any of it till i slept with her in her room one night and experienced it myself.what a eerie feeling….
    i just wanted to share my story as i think there are many people out there with the same experiences.if there is anybody who can maybe have some kind of explanation that could make sense it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Werner,

      Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog and for sharing your experiences. It will be interesting to see if anyone can offer any further explanations or experiences that might tie in with yours.



  12. Greetings,

    please help me to find the answer to this. for the passed few days i’ve been waking up in 3am. and one night i was writing for something, when i looked at my phone for the time, the time was exactly 3:33am. Here is the thing, my phone has a lock, but the time was changed. i never change my time, it is in automatic. But how is it possible that my time was added 3+ hours. Only 3 hours. no minutes. my time was set to where i live so it is not possible that it’ll be changed and added 3+ hours.

    ps. I only want to know the answer if this is related to what i should be doing at 3am. Sometimes if i have an important work to do I set my alarm at 3:45 close to 4. Sometimes 3am. But when i need to do this i cant because of this fear. i am a midnight person, who does the job well at 3-5am. i cant work in the afternoon. do you think this is somehow related?

    Please do tell me if something is against me.

    I am a religious type of person, just so you know. i wont defy Gods existence.

    thank you. It matters to me most.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving your comments.

      If the time on your phone has only changed once, I would be inclined to think it’s just a one off electrical fault. I wouldn’t read anything into it – after all, electrical goods aren’t infallible, even if their antics do seem a little strange at times.

      If I were you, I’d just carry on working the hours of the day or night that suit you best; personally I don’t think you should be concerned or start reading things into this occurrence.

      I’ve had numerous discussions with people as to why they notice certain times more than others, be it 3am or 3:33am. One theory is that because we notice a certain time once or twice by chance, we then subconsciously start looking out for it, so we notice the same time more and more often until it becomes… somewhat spooky. One person I spoke to kept noticing the time 9:11, morning and night. We thought it might be something as simple as that’s the time of day/evening that he fancies a cup of tea or something to eat and his body is tuned in to receiving refreshment at those times – it’s a possibility.

      I’d be interested to hear what other people might think of this theory and to hear any other theories people may have.

      Best wishes.


  13. This 333 thing is no coincidence. Waking up every night and seeing this time means something! I woke up seeing it for 3 years. I know for a fact it had something to do with my curiosity for the paranormal at the time. When I woke at this hour it never felt soothing, as a matter of fact it felt very eerie. I have to mention the dreams during this three year period……strange and unusual. I have put that curiosity behind me and waking up at that time has stopped. The 333 I think was a way for something “un human” reminding me of its presence. I have absolutely no doubt that evil lurks among us. By showing interest you allow yourself to sought after. On a kinder note…..Angels exist as well. So ask yourself….what do you want to invite into your life? 0:)

  14. Im up right now because I didn’t wanna be in my room ONE more night at 3:33. I thought I was alone….not crazy. I have NUMEROUS reasons that the number has effected me…last night solidified it. The number is very telling for whatever reason…but whatever it is, Im listening. And Im not alone…Ive had many witnesses to these happenings….and I do not know what to do…………ugh.

  15. just come across this blog by accident. ive had the 3.33am wake up thing for years. im not religious, very skeptical about the paranormal even though ive had a few strange things happen to me in my life. Didnt even know this happend to others untill now. I get up, go to the toilet, say to my self ‘hear we go again 3.33’ look at the clock and there it is, i actually found it quite funny. Since i Googled ‘Why do i wake up at 3.33am’ im now a bit spooked to be honest. I find it really weird that this has been happening to loads of other people for years aswell. I thought stuff like this only happend in the movies.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for leaving your comments on this. I was reading something a while back that says the brain resets itself at about 3am (roughly) and so if you wake up after this time you may find it harder to get back to sleep because your brain has started its ‘new day’ even though you still want to sleep. I’ll try to find out where I read it and put a link up because it made quite a bit of sense. Many people seem to wake up at about 3am or thereabouts and I wonder if the 3.33am phenomena is because of this ‘brain resetting’.



  16. I used to wake up every night at this time after I played with the “devils tools” strange and stranger things kept happening. This is only yet my case. I prayed and after a solid 6 months I finally quit. From time to time I wake up at 3:33. I shrug my shoulders as I “feel” nothing. It usually only happens when I’ve been up to no good. Perhaps subconscious but I have experienced a lot and this didn’t start happening until I did what I did.

  17. I see 333 all the time, have done for decades , but recently getting a bit concerned. over the last couple of months have woken at 3.33 am to my dog barking towards the darkened hallway, when I switch the light on she stops. another time I was awoken by my bedroom door slamming shut , it was 3.33 am . last night I awoke as the power went out in my house, only for a split second , when it came back on the clock was flashing 3.33 am.

  18. I was born exactly at 3:33 am. What can you say about that?

  19. Hello everyone,

    The following has been sent to me by a visitor to my blog. Thank you very much for sharing! They would be interested in your thoughts and comments please:

    “I know its probably been done to death here before, but, just wondering, those that do wake up regularly at exactly 3.33 am, how do you feel about it? At first I was amused, then felt it a little spooky, now, well, bemused I guess.

    Like many, it started a few years back, about 2 or three times a week to begin with, then increased, then dropped back, and its now back to 2 / 3 times.

    We have two digital clocks in the bedroom, my wife’s bedside drawers are lower than mine and I couldn’t see her clock without having to sit up, so I bought one that shines up onto the ceiling, all I have to do is just look up, easy.
    Now, they are not synchronized, mine runs slightly fast over a few weeks, they never say the time. So, 3.33 it is by my clock, but when I have made the effort to sit up and look at hers, its a few minuets less. I hurt my shoulder, we had to swap sides, so now I have my wife’s clock, it’s still 3.33 when I wake, the ceiling clock will be plus a few minuets…spooky.

    But then the 3.33 has taken a different stance. This week I woke at 3.33, I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I read a book, when I decided to stop reading, I put the light out and glanced at the clock, it was 4.33. I woke up at 8.33, dozed off again and woke at, guessed it 9.33, all this in one morning. It will happen in the evening, watching TV, if I glance at the clock on the DVD player it’ll be 8.33, 9.33, 10.33 never 8.35 or 9.40 or 10.16, always a .33.

    But it’s not just the time. I drove my wife to the airport, its a 400 km round trip. On the way back I had a CD on, I glanced at the gauges, the trip meter read 333.3 kms, the CD timer said the song had been playing for 3.33 minutes, and the clock said, well guess you’ve guessed it, 3.33 PM.. all that at one glance of the gauges… for the CD I had exactly 1 second to see it, not the 60 seconds leeway with the bedroom clocks.

    I was telling all this to biker friends the other week-end. They kind of poohoo’d it, like many do, We stopped for fuel in the afternoon, while I was filling up he asked his wife what the time was as his clock was way out, she turned the ignition on her bike to get her clock up, it was….well, you know, don’t you…..funny, after that, they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, made them a bit less skeptical though..

    Last bit of Spookiness:
    My best and closest friend of 50 years,(we were at junior school together) was working in his garden, it was July 27th, 2 years ago. He was moving a saddle stone with the help of his wife, she said he just looked at her, said “ooowch” and dropped down dead.
    The paramedics said he was dead before he hit the ground, massive cardiac arrest. Later, I asked her what time it happened, “just after 3.30” she said. I knew the exact time it happened.

    I live with it, I have no choice, I’ve read all the theories and the only conclusion I can come to is that we have a built in timer mechanism, mine happens to be 3.33.”



  20. […] Source: The Legend of 3:33am… […]

  21. I’ve had the 3:33 Am experience waking for a wile now and last night it was also accompanied by 3 loud knocks.. so I stumbled across this article after Googling 333… has anyone else experienced this type thing…what next?

    • I am looking up 3:33 a.m. because something strange happened last night/this morning. I work the late shift, so I’m sometimes still up at that time. I also usually have the habit of watching a YouTube video or listening to music on my phone when getting ready for bed. Last night, as I was doing my routine, the video I was playing completely stopped. My phone went black right at 3:33 a.m. Prior to that I felt a presence in my house, but thought that I was just imagining things. So I went to bed shortly after the phone incident. I was looking up the meaning of 333. I was in bed for only a few minutes reading when I saw a flash of bright blue white light near my bed! I was more curious than afraid. In my reading on 333, some say that it is a communication from God or angels. The message of 333 is that of the path of light. I’m going to research this more, very interesting.

      • Hi,

        Many thanks for dropping by my blog and for adding your comments. I’d be interested to hear about anything else you come across while researching this topic – it’s a very popular one with people it seems!


  22. Hello everyone, I also would like to share my 3:33 story.. I started waking up at 3:33 a year ago and it would happen 2-3 nights a week.. I was definitely scared and whenever I would wake up I would just immediately check my phone.. Then I became so scared and I didn’t want to see 3:33 on my clock no more so badly that I would purposely wait little while to at least check on 3:35 or whatever but guess what.. I would always look up to my phone and it would be exactly 3:33. Last week it happened to me twice and both times I was scared and I could not fall asleep again even I was very tired. Both times I would wake up to some sound anything loud but I felt presence of something .. Just something extremely uncomfortable. Both times I stayed up to 4:15 or so when I felt bit better. I wanted to share with you guys, it’s really weird and sometimes I feel like I’m living in matrix world..

  23. Cristian D said:

    Hello ! I also have my own story about 3:33 .. and it happend to me last night :10.11.2016 . After a series of multiple dreams within a single dream , all with some sort of tragic events happening ” from a chinese triad chasing me and a friend of mine , to some people I know from real life , putting themselfs in deadly situations , and the falling of a child from a 50’th floor elevator ” . The loss of that child was the only thing that woke me up , loud voice saying ” ohhh nooo ” . Then I realised it was a dream , went to the toilet , and watched the phone clock – 3:33 . It kinnda troubled me , becouse all the multiple dreams , could have had bad endings , and could have woke me up , but every one of them , had an escape scenario , except the one with the child , except the one that woke me at that specific time . I am a 33 year old male from Europe so I can say that I am a mature person , and I don’t get spooked from such things , but with the fact that my new girlfriend , that sleeps with me in bed , from a couple of days ago , wakes me up sometimes , and she is scared as fuck , telling me that I talk in my sleep with a multitude of voices , is making me have some questions about what’s happening . Another thing is , the first night my girlfriend slept at my place , I have had an outer body experience while dreaming , as I was looking at her , from above the bed , and laughin out loud with a real evil like voice ” Hi Hi Hi Hi ” . I was concious of this happening , and forced myself to wake up , and she was scared as fuck , could’nt even move her from her side of the bed , and she was playing dead , till I told her to calm down , and that nothing happend . Plus the she told me today , I have a scary evil snoring , like she never heard before . Can anyone tell me what the fuck is happening to me ?

  24. S Aaron Payne, A "Jesus Christ", spokesman. Eisus Uni Peg Unix- The Unicorn Pegasus said:

    333 it means, “Whats’ Up”?

    The Sun is about 333 thousand times as massive as the Earth.

    February 2 is the 33rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 332 days remaining until the end of the year (333 in leap years).

    The Witches’ Sabbath or Sabbat is February 1 (to some February 2). The Birthday of the “Prophet” that is said to come.

    Imbolc (February 2) marks the recovery of the Goddess after giving birth to the God.

    333 Called the “Jesus Connection”. Angel Number sign that you have a close connection to Jesus the Faithful Pagan, the son in the Holy Trinity.

    The number 333 signifies a connection with spirit guides and ascended masters. Ascended masters include Jesus Christ.

    Choronzon /ˌkoʊˌroʊnˈzoʊn/ is a demon or devil that originated in writing with the … This, in part, has served as an inspiration for modernized ritual effectuation based on the “333 current”

    333 Called the “Jesus Connection”. Angel Number sign that you have a close connection to Jesus, the son in the Holy Trinity.

  25. I’ve been seeing 3:33 almost every day for the past year. I would usually just write it off as a coincidence but it’s starting to really freak me out. It sounds stupid, but I feel a presence in my bedroom when I’m alone, even with the lights on. I read something on here saying that it could be ‘traffic’ if you sleep between two doors, as I do. I got a big mirror for my room about a year ago too. I started having nightmares, so my mom put a cross on it, as she thought it would help, and it did, the nightmares stopped. Today is the2nd of February, the 33rd year of the day in the Gregorian callender. I nearly passed out today around 3pm with no reason at all. I feel like something bad is always happening to me even if I try to stay positive and have those kind of thoughts. I’ve been into paranormal stuff since I was a kid, it always interested me in some weird way so maybe I’m just overreacting, but this is getting too creepy. I’m not very religious but I’ve read about the meaning of 333, from what I’ve read, it’s a message that you need to regain control and ballance, and that your angels are with you. At this point, I just feel crazy and I’ve given up on talking to my friends about it. If anyone has had a similar experience, please email me at

  26. In the year 2012, I would wake up every night at 3:33am. This went on for about 15 days straight. Each night when I woke, I felt very weird and anxious. One night i got up to pee. I looked out my bathroom window and saw a black figure with what appearwd to be antlers coming out of its head. At first i thought a buck was in my yard, but then I saw it had a humanoid shape body. I froze and whispered for my husband. He saw it too. It eventually snuck into the shadows and was gone. To this day, I won’t go outside at night by myself.

    • Hi Erin,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch and sharing your story.

      All the best.


    • Thanks for this Erin… I’ve been waking up at this time for the last several nights and I am now shitting myself for the next event.

      • Richard Proulx said:

        I had a similar experience i got up to go to the washroom at 3:33 and when I passes the middle room window i saw a tall black figure look staith up at me… my fence is 6′ hight and this thing was at least 7′ it or he smilled crepelly at me and walked away really quick… it freeked me out for weeks so but the the 3:33 wake up has stoped for a long time but recently started again…

      • That would freak me out too. Might be interesting to keep a diary of some sort of these events? Thanks for commenting Richard.

  27. Jamie Kovacs said:

    I would like to just correct some of this information coming from an actual pagan. The Witching hour is from 11:30pm to 11:59pm to practice good, from Midnight to 12:30am is to do bad magick. Just wanted people to not mistake the Witching hour which is always incorrect in movies. These horror flick people should actually talk to more pagans. And no we are not Devil worshippers cause a Pagan would have to believe in the devil to worship one. Any witch type movie you all see is BS folks. Hollywood is very creative and fall into the crap Christians feed people. Just educating you. And i’m not bashing Christians but there is a history.

  28. I woke up at 3:33 and felt somthing burning on my neck. I look in the mirror and I see scratches, and when I went back to sleep I woke up with sleep paralysis. Later that day I felt fine, when I got back to my room I went to my
    Bed and all the sudden I got depressed.

  29. Yo, so I was like born at 3:33 am. I’m into paranormal stuff, is that just a coincidence?

  30. J Curran said:

    I have heard waking up at 3:33 a.m. is the Lucifer marking the trinity. I go on Tren when I wake up at this time every day for a week or two then it stops then it starts up again at another time.

  31. Also to note 3am is witching hour and a verse from the bible where the disciples were on a boat in a storm and Jesus came to them walking on water in the 4th watch which is 3am, i believe has some big relevence in spiritual context and that we may be woken by Jesus to protect us and have us keep our eyes on Him. Be blessed

  32. I live in a converted Chappell and just woke up at 3:33am after a strange dream. Any thoughts?

  33. Same thing happened to me around 2yrs ago, for a period of 2-3 months it happened pretty much every night. I’m not religious, I’m not into paranormal stuff for anything other than entertainment, there no good reason for this to happen or for me to gravitate towards the numbers. It was definalety strange and I think maybe because it was so strange it stuck in my mind and maybe my body, my inner clock, was programming it. Nothing weird ever happened during the awake moments, just 3.33 every night. Could something I can’t comprehend have been happening, maybe but the skeptic in me says it was my body clock.

  34. So I have woken up at 3:33, probably more times than I do know, but the one time I know for sure that I did was I’m assuming because of my own stupidity. I have a pendulum, which if you don’t know is often when it comes to spiritual stuff, a small metal chain with a pointed crystal at the end of it. You can use it to find things out about yourself using your own energy or ask it things say if you lost something, subconsciously you may know where you lost it so it can help guide you to find it. However, it being a thing that deals with energy, you can use it to contact spirits. My house according to my mom as she’s a spiritual woman and often can tell you when there is a presence has said that there are some spirits in the house because the house was built in the 1700s and because she can feel the energy. When we first moved in I wanted to test this out so I sat in my room in broad daylight so I wouldn’t get too creeped out. I asked the pendulum if there were any spirits and if they could manipulate the answers, and the pendulum swung the answer yes. I kept asking questions, like if it was male or female and it said yes to male. I was curious about the age so I asked if it was older or younger than 20 one at a time because the pendulum can only say yes and no. It said no to both younger or older than 20 which struck me as weird since everyone and everything has an age. I jokingly asked if it was a demon, it said yes but I didn’t believe it or read into it too much. I immediately said goobye anyways incase and went about my day. That night I fell asleep, just to wake up all of a sudden middle of the night. I had the urge to check my phone, seeing it was 3:30, I didn’t pay much mind to it and tried going back to sleep, a minute or two went by and all of a sudden this eerie horrible feeling came into me so I decided to check my phone again, it was 3:32 and I was gonna ignore it but a bright white light as if someone had flashed a white screen before my eyes appeared, it didn’t feel godly it felt quite the opposite, maybe it was some sort of god like presence but it felt like this warning that if I don’t do something, something bad will happen or something will show itself to me. I realized 3:33 is known as the devil’s hour, and I wanted to share my story after I found this. Immediately after this “warning” as I call it happened, I got up, opened my bedroom door, turned on the lights and called my mom to come to my room as I’m 17 and still living with her obviously. I felt so shaky and I ended up having to sleep on the couch and watch Friends. I hadn’t thought about the occasion of me speaking to a spirit all day so I don’t think it was a coincidence, and I only put it together after the fact when I had time to think.

  35. StevenL said:

    I was raised in 3 different houses in Oregon State and 1 in Washington State. Each house had its own supernatural activity experienced by all members of my family but the worst to me. I had my first encounter when I was 6 years old. I would wake up and see people in my house that did not belong there or in this time. I have had them communicate with me and have been threatened and attacked by 3 different shadows. Shadows that have the ability to physically attack and harm a human. My mother and father explained that all occurrences ceased after I moved out, but they did not stop for me or my wife. So the only explanation was I was being followed. My family was a church going Christian family but the church could never answer my questions and I didn’t dare tell anyone else outside the family or they would have me on meds! About 9 years ago someone left a pamphlet on my porch titled…Are the Dead really Dead? Intrigued I read it. It answered every question I needed about ghosts and death and was backed by Bible verses! So since I joined The Seventh-Day Adventist church and have had no more issues……except I wake in the night and the clock reads 3:33, I will glance at my watch and it will read 3:33 and 33 seconds. Someone will ask me what time it is….I see 3:33…..I see these numbers all the time, now just 2 days ago, I was driving home and seen one of the local business closed glanced at my watch and it was 11:11 and 11 seconds! Now I see both these numbers in multiples everywhere. I reset my trip counter after every fill up…I glanced down and it read 333 miles!

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